Time out for Mommy!

So if the accepted rule is 1 minute per year of age, does that mean I now get almost 40 minutes completely alone!

And if I don’t comply (even if its not of my own volition) do extra minutes get added?

Oh, how nice this would be… as opposed to hiding in my bedroom waiting for the screaming to start!
I know nothing about the quality of the wine, but the label gets 2 thumbs up from me!

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Tu B’Av – Better Late than Never?

Immahlady tagged me in the Tu B’Av Love Song Meme and now that this little known Jewish Holiday is behind us and we are all in the midst of preparing for a very well-known one, I finally get this post from Draft to Published, finished or not.

For those, like myself, who were not aware of Tu B’Av; the 15th of Av, it is a Jewish “Love” day, interestingly coming less than a week after one of the saddest days in our calendar. Thank you to  Homeshuling for starting this challenge and bringing this chag more to the forefront.  I apologize for not continuing the tagging, but everyone else is in yontiv prep mode and I refuse to contribute to anyone else’s procrastination; I barely want to be responsible for my own!

So, after all that explanation, what is my favorite Jewish Love song?

I knew the answer before I finished the question… My Zeidy by Megama

The actual song starts at 1:20 after an introduction about Israel.

As you can tell by the title, it’s not about mushy love, or even a man and a woman, but rather the kind of love I hope my husband and I instill in our children and our children’s children…so that someday, when they are listening to it for the 100th time,  it still generates a tear.

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Quick Quips

An explanation Or…If I wait till I get time to sit and write a full post, I may never post again!

It has been far too long since I have had the time, energy, patience, etc to sit and blog.

I’ve had lots of thoughts for posts (especially at 3am when I can barely even pick up a pencil to jot them down), and even have quite a few started. Nonetheless, there have been no postings.  School starts in less than a week (panic, cheers, all of the above!)  and I am afraid to predict if things will calm down or get more hectic.

So, after having a “I HAVE to blog about this moment*” interrupted by children’s shenanigans, which could very well be another “I HAVE to blog about this moment”, I have had this epiphany…and Quick Quips was born….            *- Thank you Ima2Seven for helping me to see unpleasant things in a new light!

So, someday I will get to write the long posts I long (no pun intended) to write, but at least for now, I won’t feel like this space has been abandoned!

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