Quick Quips

An explanation Or…If I wait till I get time to sit and write a full post, I may never post again!

It has been far too long since I have had the time, energy, patience, etc to sit and blog.

I’ve had lots of thoughts for posts (especially at 3am when I can barely even pick up a pencil to jot them down), and even have quite a few started. Nonetheless, there have been no postings.  School starts in less than a week (panic, cheers, all of the above!)  and I am afraid to predict if things will calm down or get more hectic.

So, after having a “I HAVE to blog about this moment*” interrupted by children’s shenanigans, which could very well be another “I HAVE to blog about this moment”, I have had this epiphany…and Quick Quips was born….            *- Thank you Ima2Seven for helping me to see unpleasant things in a new light!

So, someday I will get to write the long posts I long (no pun intended) to write, but at least for now, I won’t feel like this space has been abandoned!

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