Is Mother’s Day really for Mothers?

Less than a week till Mother’s Day – Let the negotiations and planning begin!

Had conversations today with the 2 mothers in my life, my mother and my mother-in-law, about plans for next Sunday.  Is my brother coming in?  Are we going out? Are we staying in? Are we all celebrating together? Is my family having to see each mother separately?  So many questions, so many details to work out…

During both conversations, I was asked “what did I want to do? After all, [I am] a mother too!” (Oh so that’s how you both became grandmothers!)  While I still believe that everyone is entitled to their special day, I have long ago given up on Mother’s Day being about me.  As a mom, it is my responsibility to coordinate everyone else’s efforts to celebrate me!  I shouldn’t have to make sure that my kids made a card and/or gift to give me. In prior years, we have gone out to brunch, lunch and dinner (not all in the same year!).  We have had BBQs at each of our homes (again, not all in one year!) And 2 years ago, I pushed my agenda and we had a kid-friendly picnic in the park. Last year child number 3 was 4 days old – don’t ask me what we did! Somewhere in the nurse, diaper, sleep, repeat cycle, there must have been food and grandparents, the kids probably made cards at school…

So, what do I want to do for My Mother’s Day this year? Have A DAY OFF! No cooking, no cleaning, no diapers, no whining… am I booking a day at the spa, checking out the latest double feature, celebrating the events that led to motherhood? No. I just want to enjoy what my house sounds like empty!  Is that so awful?  To celebrate being a mother by not being one for 8 hours? I’d even take 4!  If it weren’t for my kids, I wouldn’t be celebrating! But if I am making all the plans, am I really celebrating anyway?

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